STOP Hollywood whitewashing black history


There’s a new film being developed by Alex Proyas entitled Gods of Egypt. According to Slash Film, the flick is about a common thief who gets caught up in a feud between the gods.

That’s all well and good and should be a great opportunity to highlight a very interesting and rich cultural history, however there’s a hitch–all of the actors who have been cast to play the gods are white: Gerard Butler as Set, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Horus, and Geoffrey Rush as Ra.

Some people may read this and think,”So what?”, but I feel it’s important to claim our history as Black people. Egypt has long been a racially ambiguous zone in TV and film. The fact that Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra still stings. Cast a spectrum of brown hues if you want, but understand that Egyptians aren’t now and never have been white. One look at the drawings in the pyramids can confirm that.

There is now a petition on to combat this casting. Thorne Studios, the author of the petition, pleads its case:



10 thoughts on “STOP Hollywood whitewashing black history

    • Thanks for the video. I’m sicking of it too, all they do is put a white face on everything great. Tell as many people as you can to stop it from happening.

      • Yeah I hear you. I’m going to email this petition to some friends.This is total horse manure! This promotion of white supremacy must END! They are just spreading lies to the masses. And children grow up confused by this deception.

      • Exactly, that’s why they do it, they promote their history over and over in films like 300 and Troy and now they’re trying to whitewash our history, no way.

  1. So true and the problem is people believe them, did you see about Danny Glover who is having trouble making a film about toussaint louverture because there aren’t any white heroes.

    • Yeah I heard Danny was having trouble with funding. Of course white/Jew controlled Hollywood doesn’t want any type of film showing black people defeating their oppressors. That goes against a white supremacy system. But last year there was a film made about him and the revolution. But it was an independent film. That’s what we’re going to have to do if we want our stories told correctly. We can’t rely on them to tell our stories for us. Otherwise we will keep getting films like The Help and The Butler. Our history is much more vast than that.

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