Black Baseball


“Black Baseball”… Nowadays many people know very little of or about the Black Baseball Leagues of the past and their outstanding and illustrious history, and the little that we do know is usually just half of the story and half of the truth. Many Black people sadly enough look back on those days in history with pity or disgust even, feeling as if those “Negro” Leagues were a bad joke for reasons that they are not even sure of. Maybe its because those League’s history have been portrayed in a subservient and negative light when in all actuality it was a groundbreaking, profitable, inspirational, and proud time in the Black Community.

During a time where Racism and oppression was more “in your face” and blunt and blatant opposed to it being more covert or subliminal like it is today, Black Baseball was one of the largest Black-owned business enterprises in America. Black Baseball has roots stemming back to the late 1800’s with the Cuban Giants earning respect in the sport as pioneers and a great team that was comprised of all black players. Black Baseball started to prosper in the early 1900’s and created a way for Black Communities to rise from poverty creating jobs, opportunities, and Entrepreneurs… It created inspiration for many a black youth by giving them someone to identify with who was doing something they loved and created dreams and aspirations for them.

Black Baseball was hated by “White America” due to it being Black-Owned and it’s success in not only surviving but striving through “The Great Depression” in America and World Wars… Black Baseball’s downfall was the lack of support by the Black community after 1948 when Jackie Robinson and many of the “Negro” League’s superstars and famous players integrated and were signed by white owners to their MLB teams… When that happened sadly enough the black community stopped supporting and attending black baseball’s games and buying merchandise and followed their once Black Baseball League stars to the MLB. Black Baseball folded under Financial pressure very soon after and with it so did the success of the black community at the time. Many of those Black Owners and star players are forgotten in history or not given the credit they’ve earned.

Integration into sports was necessary and a success overall, but ironically enough Major League Baseball as of 2013 is only made up of 8.05% black people and it is has fell back in popularity among Major sports in America, it doesn’t appeal to “Inner-City Youth”, and is continued to be criticized for racism in some areas. Lack of support to black-owned business is still a problem among communities and is something that needs to be changed… Learn the truth about your rich history…

Written By:@Champion_Us

Via African Economic Development Plan

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