Black Brazilians from Biko


Article from 2005, “The Steve Biko Institute in Salvador, the capital of Bahia state, aims to help black Brazilians achieve what many never dared to dream of – to enter university.

Brazil boasts some of the best universities in Latin America, but passing the country’s tough university entrance exam, the vestibular, is not an option for most black Brazilians.

They make up almost half the country’s population – far more than that in Bahia state – and the majority live in poverty.

“Here in Bahia, 70% of the population is of African descent, but more than 80% of those who graduate from university are white, so you can see clearly there is a situation of exclusion,” explains Lazaro Passos, a young mechanical engineer who is the institute’s project co-ordinator.”

Via Negro: A Docu-Series about Latino Identity

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