African students come up with an app to diagonise Malaria


The students are participating in the Imagine Cup 2013 as Team Code 8. They have created a Phone app that could revolutionize how malaria is diagnosed.

According to the team: “Matibabu is a Windows Phone Application that diagnoses for malaria without pricking the body (not getting any blood sample from the body). By connecting a custom piece of hardware (matiscope) to the windows phone, the user is able to diagnose and know their malaria status in the shortest time possible. The results are sent to the user’s skydrive for medical record keeping and sharing with their personal doctors.”

From The Team

We were inspired by the conditions faced by one of the team member Gitta Brian. “I suffered from malaria and brusella before the competition and was subjected to a number of prickings to diagonise over and over again.” said Gitta. This lead the team to work towards a solution that can help diagnose for malaria early, efficiently to save lives time and money.

“While treatment may be available, the costly invasive diagnosis hinders implementation. With this solution, matibabu, we are able to diagonise for malaria in its early stages which will help reduce malaria by more than 75% in 2015 as by World Health Organisation.” ~Simon Fred Lubambo, Team Code 8

Learn more about the team here:

via Positive Black Stories. By Heru G. Duenas

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