Black women aren’t commodities


I saw this picture this morning and it ruined my day. To me everything about this picture is wrong and what I’m against. This isn’t tasteful why would Nichole Galicia who plays “Sheba” in “Django Unchained bring herself down to this level she looks like a prostitute and Quentin tarantino a pimp or even her slavemaster.

I feel like I have gone back to the days of slavery.

Black bodies should never be a commodity.

………..and if you think I’m going over the top, imagine this was the other way around and a black film director stood on the front of a magazine cover with a naked white actress.

16 thoughts on “Black women aren’t commodities

  1. This is SICK! I can’t stand Tarantino! I think he’s a closet racist. But this sista shouldn’t have took this picture. I think she’ll regret it later on. This was not a good look at all!

  2. OK I wasn’t at all offended by the film but this picture….Just pissed me the hell off!! My concern is the woman because she chose to do this. Why the hell would she put herself in this position? Now I am always looking at the intent of an image just so I can have an understanding and maybe be a little less on edge but there is nothing that could explain enough to me that would make this image ok with me. I’m annoyed that this was okay with her. I do not like where he has his hands, I don’t like the expression on his face or hers and what the hell did they say to her to make her ok with taking off her clothes nezt to him?What is wrong with the mindset of this woman? And why would either of them agree to this after all the backlash and criticism that the film has gotten? This just adds fuel to that fire as well. She is either dumb and or ignorant and he is just an ass. 😦

    • I agree with both of you. The picture enrages me everytime I look at it. It just screams out exploitation. I can’t believe this picture was Oked by the magazine, and Nicole Galicia agreed to do it, this is the kind of thing you expect to see from a video girl trying to break into the music business but not from an actress who has just appeared in a big film, what was she thinking, it just shows you what QT and white people really think of black people that pictures like this are published.

      • Right! She’s supposed to be a respectable actress not a video girl in some raunchy uncut music video .And I agree with you about the magazine company but the industry will be the industry. She’s supposed to know better. Chile better get it together.

  3. Oh my. It is clear that the picture was meant to shock. But, why go for the pimps and hos type of shock. Sigh. I hate neither actors. I just hope that parents will explain to our children what the evil beind the image is. A teaching opportunity.


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  6. I think “slavemaster” is the wrong word. It may not be tasteful but I don’t see any difference to a black film director holding a white actress. It may be sexism, but not racism.

      • It’s racism because there’s no black film director who does it? Sounds reasonable.
        At the end of the article there was a sentence which stated “Imagine this was the other way around”. I imagine – and think it would be possible if there were far more black film directors. I still don’t see the racism in this picture.

    • Are you serious? The title states “Black” women aren’t commodities and the text states “black” bodies should never be a commodity – which both makes no sense if it’s not a question of racism (the word “black” would be obsolete if it is a question of sexism). Furthermore I read something about “slaveholder” and “times of slavery”. Also you write in the comments this picture shows what “white people really think of black people”.

      It’s true: You never wrote explicitly the word racism. But I don’t see any possibility to understand it in any other way.

  7. My question is: Why did he do it?
    Everybody is talking about her having no need to do such a shoot.
    But what about him? I am wondering if we still haven’t passed the days where successful men have to express their wealth and influence in such creepy pictures (even though Tarantino would probably argue that it is meant ironic…well, it isn’t ventilating this message at all, Mister…).
    I think this should be the question. Tarantino denying his privilege or not seeing it at all…can you imagine this picture twisted? Not the black director and the white actress – but the the female director dressed and posing like T., and the nude male actor pressed up against her….Not that I want to state that this isn’t sexist either way. But can you even imagine such a picture (and yes, there are pictures with men and womyn like that, I now. But it is also the idea of the professional relation these two have in real life that makes it so seriously creepy).

  8. I find it hilarious that so much meaning, connotations and ideals are being extracted from this picture. I am black and also a Marketing and Advertising professional so I can see ‘behind the picture’ at what this advert/article is supposed to portray or engender in its viewer/reader. It is all part of the entertainment world we now live-in, all is fair in the world of advertisement, promotion and marketing. Getting upset or worked up about it just adds to the publicity, impact and viewership of the image which is the overall goal of its author/originator.
    If we continue to live in a world where people only see race, colour, religion, faith or some sort of creed as their means of identifying with the things we see, hear & experience then such ‘media messages’ will always foster the expected reactions.
    My suggestion is, enjoy it if u must, avoid it if u cant enjoy it but don’t hate on Quentin Tarantino or Nicole Galicia for doing their jobs and earning money while doing it very well 😉 ciao!

  9. If the shoe were on the other foot, the black man would still look bad. The thought pattern would contorted in such a way that he looks even less powerful a la the Lebron James Magazine cover, where he’s made to look more monkey than man

  10. Honestly I find this offensive no matter what their races are. It would still be offensive if they were both of the same ethnicity and the reason it is so because it portays a powerful (clothed) male with a sexual object (nude) woman. It is beyond disgusting.

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