If you want to see a tribute to our ancestors & the Orisha & have the need to see a slave owner get his butt kicked might I recommend “Besouro” it’s streaming on Netfilx!!! have not seen Tarantino’s flick yet, but I think I might prefer this. I just ask that you please love it & or hate it with as much fervor (and free press).

Based on the life of a legendary capoeira fighter from Bahia, “Besouro” spins a fantastic tale of a young Brazilian man of African descent in search of his mission.

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The Princess


Princess Ruth Komuntale (*1989) of Toro/Uganda, who married her American fiancé Christopher Thomas on 16 November 2012. Her brother is the current King Rukidi IV. She also had one younger sister, Princess Celia Komukyeya, who died in 1997 from leukaemia.


Don’t let anyone tell you not to be angry

“Don’t let anybody tell you not to be angry. We have every right to be angry. We have every reason to be angry. And we ARE angry. And the reason that we’re angry — the reason we are angry — is because this is OUR country, and they took our government and imprisoned our queen — right here she was imprisoned in her palace. And they banned our language. And then they forcibly made us a state of the racist, colonialist United States of colonial America. Do you have a right to be angry? Of course you do. Of course you do!”


Speech by the Native Hawaiian Leader Haunani-Kay Trask for the 1993 Centennial Commemoration of the American overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom at ‘Iolani Palace, Honolulu

One of the realests things I’ve ever heard

In a post-race’ country like America where nothing and no one is racist, where people are more likely to believe in UFO’s than in institutional bias, which does back flips to obfuscate the operations of white hegemonic power and therefore ensure its continuance, anyone seeking to expose white supremacy or battle it is in for some serious uphill. You will be attacked. You will be censured, usually by your own community. People will say that you are obsessed with race and that even mentioning white people in the context of white supremacy is itself racist. These days the average person doesn’t even have to be taught not to bring up white supremacy. Here in our country, as in Mordor, everybody knows not to say the dark lord’s name.

Junot Diaz, Facing Race 2012